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Cosori Air Fryer Recall: What You Need to Know

Over 2 million Cosori air fryers in the U.S. are recalled because they pose a fire risk. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) leads this recall in collaboration with Health Canada and Mexico’s Profeco. This shows how serious safety is when it comes to kitchen appliances. Cosori, a trusted brand, tells its customers to stop using the affected models immediately.

For a safe solution, they are asked to either go to or call their toll-free number. This way, consumers can get a replacement that is safe to use. Cosori’s quick action proves their priority is keeping people safe.

Introduction to the Cosori Air Fryer Recall

The cosori air fryer recall is big news lately. Many people are worried about fire risks. This has made us all think about how safe our kitchen gadgets really are.

Overview of the Recall

Cosori is recalling some of its air fryer models for good reason. There’ve been cases where these fryers caught fire or started to melt. This recall is to keep people safe from these dangers.

Why Recalls Happen

Recalls, like this one, are all about stopping dangers in their tracks. When reports of fire and burns came in, a quick response was needed. The focus is protecting people and stopping any more bad incidents.

Knowing how recalls work is useful for all of us. It helps us understand and deal with these safety notices.

Details on Affected Cosori Air Fryer Models

If you have a Cosori air fryer, it’s important to know about the recall. We’ll tell you which models are affected, what sizes and colors they come in, and where they were sold. This will help you figure out if your air fryer is part of the recall.

Specific Model Numbers

Several Cosori air fryers are part of the recall, including models like CP158-AF. Check for the model number on the bottom of your fryer or in the user manual. This will help you see if your air fryer is one of the faulty models.

Color Variations and Sizes

The recall includes air fryers in both 3.7-quart and 5.8-quart sizes. You could find them in black, gray, white, blue, and red. Owners must make sure their model is part of the recall batch.

Where These Models Were Sold

These air fryers were sold by many big retailers online and in stores. Places like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and The Home Depot had them. It’s important to check if yours is one of the affected fryers for safety’s sake.

Reasons Behind the Recall

It’s crucial to know why Cosori air fryers were recalled for those looking for detailed info. The main reasons were the risks of severe fires and getting burned.

Fire and Burn Hazards

The recall happened because many Cosori air fryers started fires or melted. This raised big concerns about the risk of fire and burn injuries. These dangers show clearly why the recall was necessary.

Number of Reported Incidents

A total of 205 incidents led to the recall. These included different levels of damage and dangers. This made it crucial for users to stop using the affected models.

Examples of Damage and Injuries

Real-life cases show how critical following the recall is. There were minor burns and property damage. It’s crucial to act quickly and get in touch with Cosori for a replacement if your model is affected.

Consumer Actions and Remedies

If your Cosori air fryer is being recalled, the first step is to stop using it. This is key for your safety. It also helps with getting a replacement smoothly.

Cosori air fryer recall

Steps for Getting a Replacement

Start by visiting Cosori’s recall site. You’ll need to share your contact info and upload a photo of the fryer. Remember to show the power cord cut. Luckily, you don’t need a receipt to claim your new appliance.

Registration Process

Registering for a replacement is easy. Go to the recall section on Cosori’s site and fill in the forms. Provide your details and the picture of your air fryer. Being complete makes sure everything goes quickly and you get your new fryer on time.

What to Do If You Have Questions

If there are any questions or problems during the replacement, don’t worry. Cosori’s support is here to help. You can call their toll-free number for quick tips and advice. They want to make the process easy for you.

Importance of Addressing Safety Alerts

Responding quickly to safety alerts matters a lot. It’s crucial for your safety and the product safety overall. Not paying attention to a consumer alert can put you at risk, especially with things we use every day, like kitchen tools.

Take the recent kitchen appliance recall for some Cosori air fryer models as an example. If you keep using them without fixing the issue, your home could be in danger.

  • You lower the risk of getting hurt right away.
  • You can get a new one or have it fixed fast.
  • This makes you more aware of recalls, helping you be cautious in the future.

Getting a consumer alert means it’s time to act, not to ignore. It’s a key warning to keep the product safety high in your home. Responding promptly can keep you safe and calm.

How Cosori is Handling the Situation

Cosori shows they care by taking lots of steps to keep their products safe. They work closely with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and other safety groups. This shows how much they value their customers’ safety.

Company’s Cooperation with Authorities

The way Cosori teams up with safety authorities is impressive. They work with CPSC, Health Canada, and Mexico’s Profeco. Together, they make sure the process of recalling products is smooth and open. This shows their deep care for air fryer safety and people using them.

“Our highest priority is the safety of our customers. We’re joining hands with rules and safety teams to make the recall process clear and fluent,” said a Cosori spokesperson.

Official Statements from Cosori

In their recall messages, Cosori clearly speaks about their strong focus on safety. They tell everyone what to do in simple, easy-to-understand ways. This ensures everyone knows about the recall and the next steps.

Cosori’s detailed plan blends clear talks and working across the board with safety groups. This shows their strong stand on keeping air fryers safe and building trust with customers.

Other Cosori Products and Their Safety

The recall of some Cosori air fryers shows the brand is serious about safety. Still, not every product they make is part of the recall. Many Cosori products are safe and keep the company’s high standards of quality.

Non-Recalled Products

Cosori has many products that are still safe for kitchen use. You can find pressure cookers, blenders, and more from them. These items go through tough tests to make sure they’re safe, showing Cosori’s strong focus on quality.

Company’s Commitment to Consumer Safety

Even with the air fryer recall, Cosori is dedicated to keeping their products safe. They always watch over what they sell to quickly fix any risks. This shows their ongoing pledge to offer reliable appliances to consumers.

Feedback from Affected Consumers

When talking to people hit by the Cosori air fryer recall, we learned a lot. Customers shared their stories and how they were helped. This gives us a closer look at how the problem was dealt with.

Real-Life Testimonials

Some users told stories of their fryers acting up. They described dangerous situations, like smoke appearing. It shows why safety issues need fixing fast. For example, someone said: “I was cooking dinner when my Cosori air fryer started emitting smoke. Thankfully, there was no fire, but the experience was frightening.”

However, others praised how Cosori quickly sent them new fryers. This kind of feedback shows Cosori did well in some cases. It shows they care about their customers and their trust.

Customer Service Experiences

People had mixed feelings about how Cosori handled the recall. Some were happy their fryers were replaced fast. But others were upset by delays. A user shared: “The replacement process was straightforward, and I received my new air fryer within a week.” Yet another faced trouble: “It took multiple calls and emails before I finally got a response.”

It’s important to listen to all feedback about Cosori’s customer service. This helps them do better in the future. All feedback, good or bad, teaches us about the consumer experience.

Cosori Air Fryer Recall: What This Means for You

The Cosori air fryer recall has raised worries about trust and safety in kitchen tools. It’s key to grasp the consumer impact to stay safe. If you have a Cosori air fryer, check if it’s part of the recall for home safety.

Replacing the fryer is not the main issue; this recall highlights the importance of using air fryers safely. Taking quick action shows you put your family’s safety first.

  • Check the specific model number.
  • Visit Cosori’s recall website to verify.
  • Stop using it if it’s part of the recall.

This way of handling the recall helps reduce dangers and makes the recall’s meaning clear.

By dealing with the consumer impact, you help make kitchens safer. Remember, these actions are part of bigger efforts for air fryer safety and good consumer habits.

Knowing what the recall means guides you to make smart choices. It keeps your kitchen running safely and smoothly.

The Role of Regulatory Bodies in Product Recalls

The top priority is keeping consumers safe during product recalls. Regulatory bodies are key in making sure dangerous items are taken off the market. They also help affected people get the help they need.

Introduction to the U.S. CPSC

The U.S. CPSC role in handling the Cosori air fryer recall shows how it defends people from risks. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) protects the public from harm tied to items. In the Cosori air fryer case, the CPSC ensures all safety rules are met and faulty products are dealt with fast.

By enforcing strict safety standards, the CPSC is vital in keeping trust and safety intact. It plays a huge part in making sure products are safe for use.

U.S. CPSC role

International Cooperation on Recalls

Recalls often cross borders, emphasizing the need for international recall cooperation. The Cosori recall shows how groups across the globe work together to keep people safe. The CPSC, Health Canada, and Mexico’s Profeco team up to handle recalls effectively. This team effort helps to spread safety alerts and recall news to many countries.

Country Regulatory Body Role in Recall
United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Ensuring compliance with safety standards and initiating recalls
Canada Health Canada Cooperating with other international agencies to manage recalls
Mexico Profeco Communicating recall information and ensuring market withdrawal

This table shows how various regulatory bodies joined forces during the Cosori recall. They work together to ensure consumer safety. This includes quickly spotting and removing risky products from sale.


Wrapping up, let’s not overlook the role of watchfulness and quick response to ensure home safety. Specific air fryer models have been recalled due to fire and burn risks. By following Cosori’s recall guidelines, you keep you and your family safe.

This alert shows Cosori’s dedication to keeping its customers safe. They work closely with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for our well-being. Your quick action supports efforts for a safer world.

Finally, staying on top of recalls and safety notes is key to trusting the products you use. Being alert to advice from safety groups protects your home. It also helps make thoughtful choices for you and your family.

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