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  • Shark 4 Fan Air Purifier for Home, Office, and Bedroom with HEPA Filter, Covers Up To 1000 Sq Ft,Removes Odors, Dust, Allergens, and Pollutants, HE402

    4-FAN AIRFLOW: 4 high-speed micro-fans work together to evenly distribute airflow across the filter.
    DUAL SPECIALIZATION: Our Anti-Allergen HEPA filter is designed to tackle a wide array of air contaminants with precision. From smog, toxins, and VOCs to wildfire smoke and more, experience comprehensive purification for healthier indoor air quality.
    ULTRA-FAST MEETS ULTRA-QUIET: Four high-speed fans provide a remarkably quiet clean, and an incredibly fast clean air delivery rate.

    Original price was: 349.99$.Current price is: 274.87$.
  • LEVOIT Air Purifiers for Home Large Room Up to 1980 FtΒ² in 1 Hr With Air Quality Monitor, Smart WiFi and Auto Mode, 3-in-1 Filter Captures Pet Allergies, Smoke, Dust, Core 400S/Core 400S-P, White

    π’π–πˆπ…π“ π‹πˆπ•πˆππ† π‘πŽπŽπŒ ππ”π‘πˆπ…πˆπ‚π€π“πˆπŽπ: With the help of Votexair technology, you can comfortably stay in the living room without second smoke, pet dander and hair and carbon monoxide when you use the fireplace
    ππ„πƒπ‘πŽπŽπŒ 𝐅𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐇𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐒 𝐎𝐍 πƒπˆπ’ππ‹π€π˜: Don’t worry about dust and pollen when you stay in the bedroom where bedding, furniture and potted plants are. Thanks to the AirSight Plus technology, the laser dust sensor scans the surrounding air for airborne particles, continuously updating the PM2.5 display
    πŠπˆπ‚π‡π„π πŽπƒπŽπ‘π’ 𝐁𝐄 π†πŽππ„: With the patented ARC Formula technology, Core 400S-P/Core 400S is the perfect air purifier to remove any odor from VOCs and Carbon Monoxide in the kitchen. You’re left with only clean, crisp, fresh air

    Original price was: 219.99$.Current price is: 185.92$.
  • Clorox Air Purifiers for Home, True HEPA Filter, Large Rooms up to 1,500 Sq Ft, Removes 99.9% of Mold, Viruses, Wildfire Smoke, Allergens, Pet Allergies, Dust, AUTO Mode, Whisper Quiet

    CAPTURES 99.97% OF ALLERGENS AND PARTICULATES* AND 99.9% OF VIRUSES AND BACTERIA.** With the Clorox Air Purifier, you can breathe easier. It has true HEPA filtration to capture 99.97%* of particles as small as 0.1 microns and 2 additional filters to capture larger particles and odors.
    3 STAGE 360Β° FILTER: Delivers 360Β° air purification by capturing allergens, particulates, viruses and bacteria in 3 filter layers. The outside pre-filter catches large dust particles and pet hair, then the True HEPA filter captures 99.97%* of allergens and particulates and 99.9% of viruses and bacteria**. The active carbon filter reduces VOCs and odors to keep air smelling fresh.
    ACCURATE AIR-QUALITY FEEDBACK. The air quality sensor provides real-time feedback with a PM2.5 digital display, a color-coded light from green/good to maroon/hazardous and by automatically adjusting the auto mode’s fan speed in response to changes in the current air quality.

    Original price was: 149.99$.Current price is: 99.99$.
  • AROEVE Air Purifiers for Bedroom Air Purifier With Aromatherapy Function For Pet Smoke Pollen Dander Hair Smell 20dB Air Cleaner For Bedroom Office Living Room Kitchen, MK06- White

    Impressive Filtration: AROEVE air purifier is equipped with filters ensuring impressive filtration of smoke, pollen, dander, hair, and more. By turning on the purifier, you can improve the quality of your indoor air and enjoy a healthier life.
    Enjoy Fragrant Air: Enhance your indoor air with your favorite scent by adding 4-5 drops of essential oil to the top aromatherapy pad. The fragrance will circulate throughout the room with the fresh air, providing not only a healthy and comfortable environment but also a pleasant aroma for you and your family to enjoy.
    20 dB Low-Noise Operation: Our AROEVE air purifier operates at just 20dB when in sleep mode, thanks to its reduced fan speed. Even though it’s quietly working hard to filter the air, you’ll hardly notice its presence. Enjoy a peaceful and calm indoor environment with our low-noise air purifier.

  • Air Purifiers for Home Large Rooms up to 1200ftΒ², MOOKA H13 True HEPA Air Purifier for Bedroom Pets with Fragrance Sponge, Timer, Air Filter Cleaner for Allergies, Smoke, Odor, Dander, Pollen (White)

    ALL-IN-ONE AIR PURIFIER FOR HOME: This is MOOKA newly designed True HEPA Air Purifier, which contains all the functions of a powerful air purifier. The air purifier for home covers an area up to 1200ftΒ², not only equipped with an imported true H13 HEPA filter that can quickly catch peculiar odors, smoke, dust, pollen, and dander, but also with functions like Aromatherapy, 4-fan speed, sleep mode, child lock, timer, filter replacement indicator, and the optional night light.
    HIGH-PERFORMANCE H13 HEPA FILTER: Mooka AP-S0610L air purifier can effectively purify larger particles, up to 1200ftΒ² coverage and refreshes a room of 300 ftΒ² rapidly in just 10 minutes. Modern design fits in any space from small to large rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, nurseries, kitchens and basements. Perfect for pet owners, babies, children, the elderly, or anyone wants to improve the air quality.
    SLEEP WITH FRAGRANCEοΌ†NIGHT LIGHT: Struggling with pet odors or musty smells? The AP-S0610L Air purifier equips with an essential oil sponge, you can add 4-5 drops of your favorite essential oils to the aroma pad of the air cleaners. The flow of the fresh air will effectively help you fall asleep, additionally, the night light is optional and you can set a timer (2H/4H/8H) accordingly, perfect for a quiet and soothing indoor environment.

    Original price was: 105.99$.Current price is: 89.99$.
  • Clorox Air Purifiers for Home, True HEPA Filter, Small Rooms Up to 200 Sq Ft, Removes 99.9% of Mold, Viruses, Wildfire Smoke, Allergens, Pet Allergies, Dust, AUTO Mode, Whisper Quiet

    CAPTURES 99.97% OF ALLERGENS AND PARTICULATES AND REDUCES VIRUSES AND BACTERIA. The Clorox Tabletop Air Purifier has True HEPA filtration to capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.1 microns and a pre filter to capture larger particles.
    2 STAGE 360Β° FILTER: Delivers 360Β° air purification by capturing allergens and particulates in 2 filter layers. The outside pre filter catches large dust particles and pet hair and the True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of allergens and particulates.
    IDEAL FOR SMALLER ROOMS. This compact air cleaner is perfect for smaller rooms like the office, dorm, bedroom, den or nursery. The 360Β° filter pulls in air from all directions to clean rooms up to 5 times per hour when used in a room 80 sq. ft. and 2 times an hour when used in a room up to 200 sq. ft.

  • AROEVE Air Purifiers For Home Large Room Up to 1395 Sq Ft with Air Quality Sensors, Washable Filters, Filters Pet Dander, Pollen, Smoke, Dust for Bedroom Office, MK07 White

    Impressed Purification: The AROEVE MK07 air purifier has a high CADR of 176 CFM / 300mΒ³/h, equipped with a large intake for efficient removal of tiny particles and pollutants. It covers spaces up to 1395ftΒ², ensuring your home is consistently filled with fresh air.
    Smart Sensing, Real Insight: Visual air quality indicators and precision advanced sensors provide an intuitive and precise awareness of tiny particles in your surroundings. With millisecond-level air detection, it accurately measures PM1 levels, surpassing other products that only detect PM2.5. Lets you truly sense the freshness and quality of the air.
    UV protection: Using UV technology provides an additional defense layer, helping to reduce harmful particle in the air and ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

  • LEVOIT Air Purifiers for Home Large Room Up to 1800 FtΒ² in 1 Hr with Washable Filters, Air Quality Monitor, Smart WiFi, HEPA Sleep Mode for Allergies, Pet Hair, Pollen in Bedroom, Vital 200S-P, White

    π…πŽπ‘ 𝐀𝐋𝐋 𝐓𝐇𝐄 π€πˆπ‘-ππ‘π„π€π“π‡πˆππ† 𝐏𝐄𝐓 π‹πŽπ•π„π‘π’: Filter pet hair and odors from your air while saving energy, if you open Pet Mode which is only controlled in the Vesync app. Thanks to this mode which alternates between high and medium fan speeds
    π‡πˆπ†π‡π„π‘ π€πˆπ‘ πˆππ“π€πŠπ„: Purify your air quickly. With a traditional air inlet and the additional U-shaped air inlet, airborne pet hairs and odors can easily be trapped without causing clogs
    𝐋𝐀𝐑𝐆𝐄 π‚πŽπ•π„π‘π€π†π„: The Vital 200S-P is perfect for large, indoor spaces, especially large bedrooms. It has a CADR of 242 CFM and can purify the air of a 1800 ftΒ² space once/hour (based on Levoit’s Original Filters; not applicable to other replacement filters)

    Original price was: 189.99$.Current price is: 169.99$.
  • GermGuardian Air Purifier with HEPA 13 Filter, Removes 99.97% of Pollutants, Covers Large Room up to 743 Sq. Foot Room in 1 Hr, UV-C Light Helps Reduce Germs, Zero Ozone Verified, 22”, Gray, AC4825E

    ROOM COVERAGE: This GermGuardian air purifier circulates air 1x/hour in spaces up to 743 sq ft and 4.8x/hour in rooms approximately 153 sq ft, making it a top-performing air purifier for home large room and air purifier for bedroom that is also Ozone Certified.
    ADVANCED FILTERING: With the true HEPA filter, this air purifier traps 99.97% of harmful germs, dust, pollen, and allergens such as pet dander and mold spores, serving as one of the best air purifiers for home large room.
    GERM REDUCING TECHNOLOGY: As part of HEPA air purifier, this GermGuardian air purifier uses UV-C light technology to reduce airborne viruses like influenza and staph, presenting a perfect air purifier for office and home use.

    Original price was: 99.99$.Current price is: 78.41$.
  • AROEVE Air Purifiers for Large Room Up to 1095 Sq Ft Coverage with Air Quality Sensors Impressive Filter Layer with Auto Function for Home, Bedroom, MK04- White

    High Purification: Equipped with a high-efficiency filtration system, our air cleaner can effectively filter particles as small as 0.3 microns in the air. When you turn on the high-efficiency air purifier, it can refresh the air in a room as large as 1095 sq ft / 100 mΒ² every hour, providing you with a new and comfortable air environment throughout the day in your home or office.
    Dual Air Treatment: Our air purifier not only uses high purification filter to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns, but also features a light treatment technology to further purify the air. With this dual treatment system, we provide more comprehensive air purification, ensuring a healthier living environment for you and your family. (Note: The function is turned off by default, please turn it on to maximize the air purifier’s performance.)
    Feel The Air Change: Our air purifier comes equipped with a built-in PM2.5 sensor, so you don’t have to play the guessing game with your nose. When the air quality drops, our purifier will go into action and the indicator will turn yellow or red, and the fan will speed up to clean the air faster. Trust us, your lungs will thank you for the break from the dirty air.